Buy diamond | Appointment

Buy diamond | Appointment First

Buy diamond | Appointment First


Buy diamond | Appointment First

買鑽石 | 流程

Security issues,our shop will not store many diamonds,so please make an appointment to shop in advance.

products including: wedding rings, engagement ring, diamond rings, rings, Hearts and Arrows gia diamond prices

Buy diamond | Appointment First

Product types include: diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pendants,

First to choose diamonds

  • *P.S.* choose few more diamonds that are in the similar price range, compare them at the same time.
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    Security issues,our shop will not store many diamonds,so please make an appointment to shop in advance.

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買鑽石 | 流程
  1. Choose your favorite diamond,verify the GIA number on diamond’s girdle with report,full pay and take the diamond。
  2. You may also directly take diamond from GIA Lab, request a verification from GIA ,but that will need to pay certain charge。

Take Diamond from GIA Lab

  • Our shop also has some setting for chosen。

Engagement rings

介指 | 訂婚戒指 | 求婚戒指

Custom-make Engagement rings

  • Customers can also choose “custom-made engagement ring”, it takes a minimum of 3-4 weeks. Customers can give us your own hand-painted designs, the workshop will use 3D software as the design tool.After determining the design, it will be a wax molding. Finally, let customers reconfirm to made the 18K-gold version

custom-make engagement ring


Ring Inlay | Engrave

  • Local manufacture inlay,it will take 2-3 working days。If you need to take at the same day,must inform us at the morning,to check the manufacture schedule。
  • Engrave will be free of charge

free engrave

  • To inlay diamonds,pay 20% deposit of the total invoice,check the inlaid ring detailly,full pay only with satisfaction。

100% Satisifaction


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